Through a Stray Dog's Eye

The Fair

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Our home together is not very big.  Nor is it very nice.

But it is happy.

These Things Are All Dead

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These things are all dead.

And one day I shall be dead too.

It does not scare me though.  Over the years I have developed my own perspective on death.  It has its influences, but, when people ask me my worldview on death I cannot say that I am able to easily put myself into any one category.

I do not believe in the Judeo-Christian version of an afterlife in which humans are judged and delivered to a good place (heaven) or a bad place (hell) based on their lives on this earth.  Telling people that in the Bible belt of the U.S. can sometimes be a problem.

What I do believe, however, is some strange amalgamation of Jungian collective unconscious theory and the Buddhist reincarnation cycle.

My perspective on life, and subsequently on death, is quite simple: we are all connected.  I think that if one searches quietly and deeply enough within himself and the world around him, he will find that we are all bound and tied together by a flow of energy.  A life force.

It is in me and it is in you.  It is equally within the cat sitting next to me and the trees outside of my window.  And it is within the wood composing the table on which I write and the chair on which I sit.

When I die my body will return to the earth, and my spirit, my life force, will return to the flow of energy that makes up this universe.  Eventually I will be given a new body-most likely not human, and will experience life again from a different perspective.

If I am lucky, or wise, I will learn from each living thing I encounter during this life and in other lives.

Perhaps one day I will learn something bigger than this world.

Ricoh GX-100 Initial Impressions

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A few years ago I owned a Ricoh GRD.  It was a wonderful camera capable of producing stunning black and white images with the look of pushed film.

I shot with it daily for a few months before the lens refused to retract into the camera body and remained firmly stuck.  Powering on the camera would flash an error message before the Ricoh turned itself back off.

And so the camera sat on my shelf for a few years, untouched but not forgotten.

Recently I’ve been looking for another digital compact.  Something smaller then the Olympus C4040 I reviewed earlier.  And without the storage/transfer headaches of its Smart Media cards.

I lost the bidding for a GRD on ebay, but a few days later won a GX-100.

Soon I will write a full review of the GX-100 covering my likes and dislikes along with a brief comparison to the GRD.

For now I leave you all with a few photos taken in the hour after the UPS man dropped the camera off at my front door.


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And we hung there, still, in the night air
Carried away by the currents swirling behind the moth’s wings
as she slept under the moon

adored it seemed

By lovers, you and me

A Dumpster

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Somewhere I Do Not Belong

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But I’ll come back to you in a year or so
And I’ll rebuild, be ready to become
Oh the person, you believed in
Oh the person, that you used to love


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The chair I sit in and the view I have

At night

Every night


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Flash Flooded Flash Forward

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Nature today was upside-down.
Not big nature,
not cable channel hour long special nature.
But small quiet fenced in nature.  The kind in my back yard.

These places are not normally underwater.

If I was a fish I would have grown wings and flown.
If I was a bird I would have grown fins and swam.

But I am simply a stray dog,

So I grew eyes and saw.
Naked, halfway, and blind.  But alive.